Small Electric Hydraulic Pump - HSGYB-70D Series Small Electric Hydraulic Pump, Portable Pressure Pump

Unit Feature:
- Hand or foot operation acceptable
- Light weight for easily portable to working position
- 220VAC ~240VAC, 50Hz~60Hz Operation voltage

Max. Operating Pressure:
To 70Mpa, 700bar

Flow Range:
0.5L/min.~ 5L/min. optional, check the chart below

Electric Motor Power:
1.2Kw Electric motor

Reservoir Capacity & Configurations:
3L optional, check the chart below
Vertical power position unit

Oil Reservoir Color:
Red, black Or Custom

Small electric hydraulic pump HSGYB-70D is min. compact design hydraulic pump for easily portable to working condition, which is used as power source for hydraulic tooling equipment.

Usage Of Small Electric Hydraulic Pump HSGYB-70D:

  • Connection to power and on, equipped with quick connector set in the fast hydraulic equipment on the head. Press the power switch on, to wait the motor rotation for 1-2 minutes, then to switch in a pressurized state. At the same time, the hydraulic oil output will carry out the work, the hydraulic oil output increases with the load and self booster for the work until 70Mpa.
  • After the work is finished, the oil returns while pressing the oil return switch, removes the quick joint connector cover after the hydraulic oil return oil is finished, and switch to power off.

Small Electric Hydraulic Pump HSGYB-70D Ordering Code:

Order Code:HSGYB-70D-1.2Kw-3L-H

(H= Hand Operation; F= Foot Operation)
Max. Operation Pressure: 70Mpa/ 700bar
Flow Rate At High Pressure: 0.7L/min
Flow Rate At Low Pressure: 7.0L/min
Oil Tank Volume: 3L
Voltage: 220-240VAC; 50-60Hz
Electric Motor: 0.6Kw
Motor Rotation Speed: 1600 r/min
Medium: 15# Hydraulic oil recommend