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Small Electric Hydraulic Pump HSGYB-630B Series Small Electric Hydraulic Pump, Manually Operation

Unit Feature:
- 220VAC ~ 380VAC electric motor for optional
- Dual pump, single oil circuit working small hydraulic pump
- Max. operation 63Mpa, 8L oil tank volume or custom available

Max. Operating Pressure:
To 63Mpa, 630bar

Flow Range:

Electric Motor Power:

Reservoir Capacity & Configurations:
7L, vertical power position pump unit

Oil Reservoir Color:
Blue, Yellow, Black, Orange, Black Or Custom

Small electric hydraulic pump HSGYB-630B series is dual pump with single circuit high-pressure oil pump, consists of hydraulic oil tank, manually directional valve and other components with a small size, high pressure, light weight, simple structure, Small electric hydraulic pump HSGYB-630B can be controlled by wired remote, easy to work and maintenance.

Small electric hydraulic pump HSGYB-630B series can be used as a hydraulic source for a variety of hydraulic machinery. And can be used as a variety of high-pressure, low-pressure experimental hydraulic source, this is pump connects with other hydraulic tools for usage of lifting, crimping copper terminals, bending, bending copper, punching, straightening, cutting, assembly, disassembly and many other works. Reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency.

Small Electric Hydraulic Pump HSGYB-630B Ordering Code:

Order Code:HSGYB-630B-220V
(Motor Voltage: 220VAC/380VAC)(Optional)
Max. Operation Pressure: 63MPA
Electric Motor Power: 0.75Kw
Min. Operation Pressure: 2.5MPa
Flow Rate: 3.5L/min
Motor Rotation Speed: 1400r/min
Oil Tank Volume: 8L
General Size: 370x230x490mm