Power Pack Unit Scissor Lift - HSLTG Power Pack Unit For Double Scissor Lift

Unit Feature:
- Hydraulic Power pack unit for double scissor lift, heavy lifting
- 220VAC or 380VAC voltage of motor for selection
- Max. pressure up to 220bar, 7 type of oil tank volume optional

Max. Operating Pressure:
To 100bar or 220bar optional

Flow Range:
2.5ml/r. ; 2.7ml/r. ; 3.2ml/r. ; 3.7ml/r. ; 4.2ml/r. optional

Electric Motor Power:
1.5KW ; 2.2KW ; 3.0 KW optional

Reservoir Capacity & Configurations:
8L; 12L; 14L; 16L; 20L; 22L; 25L for optional
Vertical power position unit and installation

Power pack unit scissor lift HSLTG series of power pack unit for double scissor lift is used to control the piston of hydraulic cylinder(s) to up or downward. There is a solenoid directional valve mounted on the line of hydraulic pump controls the hydraulic fluid on or off in order to control the movement of hydraulic cylinder in double scissor lift.

Power pack unit scissor lift HSLTG series is used to reduce the weight of stable, safe and reliable braking, the oil return on the circuit to set the overflow generation, to maintain the system pressure, so that the rate of decline is not affected by the weight change, to adjust the flow rate control by the throttle valve.

Ordering Code:

Normal Ordering Code: HSLTG-220V-8L-2.7C-220B-1.5 *
Explanation below:

-2.7C -220B -1.5
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

(1) Hydraulic Power Pack=HSLTG
(2) Motor Voltage: 220VAC, 380VAC
(3) Oil Reservoir Volume: 8L, 12L, 14L, 16L, 20L, 22L, 25L
(4) Pump Displacement: 3.2mL/r, 3.7mL/r, 4.2mL/r
(5) Max. Pressure: 10MPa(100bar), 15MPa(150bar), 18MPa(180bar), 160MPa(160bar), 20MPa(200bar), 22MPa(220bar)
(6) Electric Motor Power: 1.5 KW, 2.2KW, 3.0KW
(7) * :  Further Information
Note: For more information, please check the chart below

Function Symbol :

Technical Data And Dimensions:

Model Voltage Power Motor
HSLTG-220V-8L-2.7C-220B-1.5 220VAC 1.5KW 1400rpm 2.7mL/r 22MPa 8L
HSLTG-220V-12L-3.2C-220B-1.5 220VAC 1.5KW 1400rpm 3.2mL/r 20MPa 12L
HSLTG-220V-14L-2.5C-180B-2.2 220VAC 2.2KW 2800rpm 2.5mL/r 18MPa 14L
HSLTG-220V-16L-3.2C-150B-2.2 220VAC 2.2KW 2800rpm 3.2 mL/r 15MPa 16L
HSLTG-220V-16L-4.2C-100B-2.2 220VAC 2.2KW 2800rpm 4.2mL/r 10MPa 16L
HSLTG-380V-20L-2.7C-200B-3.0 380VAC 3KW 2800rpm 2.7mL/r 20MPa 20L
HSLTG-380V-22L-3.2C-180B-3.0 380VAC 3KW 2800rpm 3.2mL/r 18MPa 22L
HSLTG-380V-25L-3.7C-160B-3.0 380VAC 3KW 2800rpm 3.7mL/r 16MPa 25L