Power Pack Unit Forklift - HSFLB Hydraulic Power Pack Unit For Forklift

Unit Feature:
- power pack unit for Forklift with manually switching operation
- 12//24VDC motor voltage for easily portable
- High power pressure, different oil tank volume optional

Max. Operating Pressure:
Up to 200bar optional

Flow Range:
1.2ml/r. ; 1.6ml/r. ; 2.1ml/r. ; 2.5ml/r. ; 2.7ml/r. optional

Electric Motor Power:
1.5KW ; 2.0KW optional

Reservoir Capacity & Configurations:
3.5L; 5L; 6L; 8L optional, check the chart below
Vertical or horizontal position installation

Power pack unit forklift HSFLB series is designed for Forklift working as hydraulic power source, there are less components on the power pack for easily operation and maintenance. The main pressure of power pack unit is controlled by the cartridge relief valve, the heavy load will rise while the pressure rising. The heavy load movement of lower is switched by the manually directional valve, when it is on the on position, the pressure is lowering and heavy load begins to drop.

When the start of power pack unit forklift HSFLB series should click the start button for several times until the sound of motor and flow is normal, then running at low pressure about 5~10min, after that put into the power pack to normal operation.

Ordering Code:

Normal Ordering Code: HSFLB-12V-5L-1.6C-200B-1.5 *
Explanation below:

-1.6C -200B -1.5
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

(1) Hydraulic Power Pack=HSFLB
(2) Motor Voltage: 12VDC, 24VDC
(3) Oil Reservoir Volume: 3.5L, 5L, 6L, 8L
(4) Pump Displacement: 1.2ml/r; 1.6ml/r; 2.1ml/r;2.5ml/r; 2.7ml/r
(5) Max. Pressure:  20MPa(200bar)
(6) Electric Motor Power: 1.5KW, 2.2KW, 2.0KW
(7) * :  Further Information
(Check the chart below)
Note: For more information, please check the chart below

Function Symbol :

Technical Data And Dimensions:

Model Voltage Power Motor Speed Pump Dis. Max. Pressure Tank Volume L(mm)
HSFLB-12V-3.5L-1.2C-200B-1.5 12VDC 1.5KW 2500 RPM 1.2mL/r 20MPa 3.5L 409
HSFLB-12V-5L-1.6C-200B-1.5 12VDC 1.5KW 2500 RPM 1.6mL/r 20MPa 5L 459
HSFLB-12V-5L-2.1C-200B-1.5 12VDC 1.5KW 2500 RPM 2.1mL/r 20MPa 5L 459
HSFLB-24V-6L-2.1C-200B-2.0 24VDC 2KW 2500 RPM 2.1mL/r 20MPa 6L 509
HSFLB-24V-8L-2.5C-200B-2.0 24VDC 2KW 2500 RPM 2.5mL/r 20MPa 8L 579
HSFLB-24V-8L-2.7C-200B-2.0 24VDC 2KW 2500 RPM 2.7mL/r 20MPa 8L 579