Lift Table Hydraulic Power Pack - HSLTE Lift Table Hydraulic Power Pack Unit

Unit Feature:
- Hydraulic Power pack for lift table as hydraulic power pack unit
- 220VAC/380V motor voltage with 1.5Kw/2.2Kw power optional
- Oil tank volume from 5L~12L, or other dimension as custom

Max. Operating Pressure:
Up to 160bar ~ 200bar optional

Flow Range:
2.1ml/r. ; 2.7ml/r. ; 3.2ml/r.

Electric Motor Power:
1.5Kw, 2.2Kw optional

Reservoir Capacity & Configurations:
5L ~ 12L check the chart below
Horizontal position installation

Lift table hydraulic power pack HSLTE series is designed for lift table as hydraulic power pack unit, high qualified electric and hydraulic component.

  1. Lift table hydraulic power pack HSLTE series is standard with S3 duty, which is be worked intermittently, like one minute on and nine minutes off.
    2. All of the hydraulic equipment or parts should be cleaned before mounting on the power unit.
    3. The recommend oil viscosity of hydraulic oil should be 15~68 cst, and clean, free of impurities. N46 hydraulic oil is strongly recommended.
    4. Hydraulic fluid oil replacement is required to be changed after initial 100hours after operation, afterwards in every 3000 hours.
    5. Lift table hydraulic power pack HSLTE series should be mounted in horizontally position.

Ordering Code:

Normal Ordering Code: HSLTE-220V-5L-2.1C-200B-1.5 *
Explanation below:

-2.1C -200B -1.5
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

(1) Hydraulic Power Pack=HSLTE
(2) Motor Voltage: 220VAC, 380VAC
(3) Oil Reservoir Volume: 5L, 6L, 8L, 10L, 12L
(4) Pump Displacement: 2.1ml/r; 2.7ml/r; 3.2ml/r
(5) Max. Pressure: 16MPa(160bar); 20MPa(200bar)
(6) Electric Motor Power: 1.5KW, 2.2KW
(7) * :  Further Information
(Check the chart below)
Note: For more information, please check the chart below

Function Symbol :

Technical Data And Dimensions:

Model Motor Volt Motor power Rated Speed Displacement Max. pressure Tank Volume L(mm)
HSLTE-220V-5L-2.1C-200B-1.5 220VAC 1.5KW 1400 RPM 2.1mL/r 20MPa 5L 645
HSLTE-220V-6L-2.7C-200B-1.5 220VAC 1.5KW 1400 RPM 2.7mL/r 20MPa 6L 690
HSLTE-220V-8L-3.2C-160B-1.5 220VAC 1.5KW 1400 RPM 3.2mL/r 16MPa 8L 795
HSLTE-380V-8L-2.1C-200B-2.2 380VAC 2.2KW 2880 RPM 2.1mL/r 20MPa 8L 795
HSLTE-380V-10L-2.7C-200B-2.2 380VAC 2.2KW 2880 RPM 2.7mL/r 20MPa 10L 885
HSLTE-380V-12L-3.2C-160B-2.2 380VAC 2.2KW 2880 RPM 3.2mL/r 16MPa 12L 905