Hydraulic System With Cooling Fan HSCF Series - Custom Hydraulic System

There are two fan cooling hydraulic system for optional:
1.Closely fan cooling hydraulic system: In the closed system by controlling the variable displacement pump and direction to control the speed and direction of the fan motor.

2.Open fan cooling hydraulic system: In the open system through a specific function valve block with proportional to control the electric fan motor speed and direction.

Closely Fan Cooling Hydraulic System:
- Bidirectional pressure relief valve controls the motor running
- Maximum pressure: 35 MPa
- Maximum flow: 760 l / min

Electric Proportional Overflow With Reverse Of Open Type Cooling Fan Hydraulic System:
- Solenoid directional valve controls the steering of motor
- Bidirectional overflow valve controls the operation pressure of motor
- Hydraulic check valve prevents cavitation erosion
- The electro-proportional relief valve controls the outlet pressure of hydraulic pump
- The maximum pressure: 35 MPA
- The maximum flow: 760 l/min

Electro-Proportional Overflow, Open System Fan Cooling Hydraulic System:
-Electro-proportional relief valve controls the speeding of motor
-The check valve prevents cavitation erosion
-The maximum pressure: 35 MPA
-The maximum flow: 760 l/min

Open Fan Cooling With Electro Proportional Flow Hydraulic System:
-The pressure reducing relief valve limits the motor maximum working pressure
-Electromagnetic ball valve controls the start of stop action of hydraulic motor
-The speed of hydraulic motor is controlled by the hydraulic flow valve
-The maximum working pressure: 35 MPA
-The maximum operation flow: 760 l/min