Hydraulic Power Pack Dock Leveler - HSDLF Hydraulic Power Pack For Dock Leveler

Unit Feature:
- High quality of hydraulic equipment and parts, guarantee reliable hydraulic working
- 380VAC electric motor voltage and 0.75 power, compact and high quality gear pump
- Oil tank volume with 6L, or other dimension as custom

Max. Operating Pressure:
Up to 100bar or 130bar optional

Flow Range:
2.1ml/r. ; 2.7ml/r. optional

Electric Motor Power:
0.75KW as standard power

Reservoir Capacity & Configurations:
6L optional as standard oil tank volume

Hydraulic power pack dock leveler HSDLF series as hydraulic power pack for dock leveler equipment as hydraulic powerful source.
Below is steps of operation of hydraulic power pack dock leveler HSDLF series:
1. Connecting the hydraulic power unit and cylinder by clean hydraulic pipes as per the hydraulic power pack dock leveler function symbol.
2. Properly connecting the power source with electric motor and electric solenoid directional valve as per the indication shown in the item.
3. Start the electric motor to see if it is in the abnormal operation. For the hydraulic components, not to load as first trial, start the power, running test, check whether the parts working properly, determine if there is any error, and then gradually loaded to the normal operation.

Hydraulic power pack dock leveler HSDLF series needed to be cleaned after long term working, please check the following steps:
a. Clean the oil tank with a dry cleaning solvent, and then remove the solvent residue through the filtered air.
b. All of hydraulic pipes connecting to hydraulic system needed to be cleaned, in some cases, need to be impregnated with the pipe and the joint.
c. Oil filter installed in the line of supply pipe to protect the lines to valve and for pressure.
d. In the collector is provided with a piece of board to replace the precision flushing valve, electro-hydraulic servo valve etc.
e. Check all the pipe size is appropriate, the connection should be correct installation.

Ordering Code:

Normal Ordering Code: HSDLF -380V-6L-2.1C-130B-0.75 *
Explanation below:

-2.1C -130B -0.75
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

(1) Hydraulic Power Pack=HSDLF
(2) Motor Voltage: 380VAC
(3) Oil Reservoir Volume: 6L
(4) Pump Displacement: 2.7ml/r; 2.1ml/r
(5) Max. Pressure:  10MPa(100bar) ; 13MPa(130bar)
(6) Electric Motor Power: 0.75KW
(7) * :  Further Information
(Check the chart below)
Note: For more information, please check the chart below

Function Symbol :

Technical Data And Dimensions:

Model Motor Volt Motor power Motor speed Displacement System pressure Sequence pressure Tank Capacity
HSDLF -380V-6L-2.1C-130B-0.75 380VAC 0.75KW 1450RPM 2.1mL/r 13MPa 8MPa 6L
HSDLF -380V-6L-2.7C-100B-0.75 380VAC 0.75KW 1450RPM 2.7mL/r 10MPa 7.5MPa 6L