Hydraulic Power Pack Dock Leveler - HSDLA Dock Leveler Hydraulic Power Pack

Unit Feature:
- Hydraulic power pack for the rise and decline of dock leveler
- Alternating current motor of 380VAC for working condition
- Hydraulic gear pump in 2.1ml/r-2.7ml/r displacement for optional

Max. Operating Pressure:
To 140bar or 160bar optional

Flow Range:
2.1ml/r. ; 2.7ml/r. optional

Electric Motor Power:
0.75KW check the chart below

Reservoir Capacity & Configurations:
5L Oil volume tank

Hydraulic power pack dock leveler HSDLA series is designed for dock leveler of hydraulic power pack as hydraulic power source.

The unit of hydraulic power pack dock leveler consists of the main hydraulic components of high pressure gear pump, AC motor, hydraulic integrated block, many function of hydraulic valves, hydraulic oil tank are organically combined into a whole hydraulic power pack unit.

When the main deck rise in place, the second lip plate rises automatically, the decline of main deck and second lip late is controlled by solenoid directional valve, its decline speed adjusted by throttle flow adjustable valve in a reliable drop speed range.

Ordering Code:

Normal Ordering Code: HSDLA-380V-5L-2.1C-160B-0.75 *
Explanation below:

-2.1C -160B -0.75
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

(1) Hydraulic Power Pack=HSDLA
(2) Motor Voltage:380VAC
(3) Oil Reservoir Volume: 5L
(4) Pump Displacement: 2.1ml/r; 2.7ml/r
(5) Max. Pressure:  14MPa(140bar) ; 16MPa(160bar)
(6) Electric Motor Power: 0.75KW
(7) * :  Further Information
(Check the chart below)
Note: For more information, please check the chart below

Function Symbol :

Technical Data And Dimensions:

Motor Voltage Motor Power Pump 
Oil Tank L(mm)
HSDLA-380V-5L-2.1C-160B-0.75 380VAC 0.75KW 2.1mL/r 16MPa 5L 558
HSDLA-380V-5L-2.7C-140B-0.75 380VAC 0.75KW 2.7mL/r 14MPa 5L 558