High Pressure Hydraulic Power Unit - HSPD Series Standard Hydraulic Power Unit

Unit Feature:
- Super max. hydraulic pressure for special working condition
- Several flow rate optional for various requirements
- Custom, standard hydraulic oil tank available

Max. Operating Pressure:
To 630bar, 800bar, 1000bar, 1400bar optional

Flow Range:
0.6L/min.~ 7.0L/min. optional, check the chart below

Electric Motor Power:
0.75KW ~ 7.5KW optional, check the chart below

Reservoir Capacity & Configurations:
12L ~ 100L optional, check the chart below
Vertical power position unit

Oil Reservoir Color:
Blue, Yellow, Black, Orange, Black Or Custom

HSPD High pressure hydraulic power unit is standard hydraulic power unit equipped with electric pump to transfer electric mechanical energy into hydraulic power energy. The HSPD High pressure hydraulic power unit is designed in small size, light weight, compact and easy to operate. The additional function of HSPD is available which can add the variety of hydraulic components to expend more hydraulic function. Additional components like solenoid valve, hydraulic pressure relays, remote pressure control switches, hydraulic pressure lock etc., in order to meet any requirement within the rated pressure.

High pressure hydraulic power unit HSPD series is be able to test the pressure vessel directly, to finish various working operation like lifting, bending, straightening, pressing, cutting, welding, lifting, stretching, heavy removable used for perforated metal, construction steel extrusion connections, bridges, engineering institutions and other operations, if the power unit equipped with related hydraulic tools.

Ordering Code:

Normal Ordering Code: HSPD 6 M
Explanation below:

(1) (2) (3) (4)

(1) Hydraulic Power Unit Code=HSPD
(2) Fluid Flow Rate: 6= 0.6L/min.; 7= 0.7L/min.; 8= 0.8L/min.; 10= 1.0L/min.; 20= 2.0L/min......(Check the chart below)
(3) Series: M, N, Q...(Check the chart below)
(4) * :  Further Information

Function Symbol :

Technical Data:

Series Max. Pressure Flow Rate Motor Power Oil Tank
HSPD0.6M 800Bar 0.6L/min 0.75Kw 12L
HSPD0.7N 1000Bar 0.7L/min 1.5Kw 12L
HSPD0.7Q 1400Bar 0.7L/min 3Kw 40L
HSPD0.8M 800Bar 0.8L/min 1.5Kw 12L
HSPD1.0M 800Bar 1.0L/min 1.5Kw 12L
HSPD2.0M 800Bar 2.0L/min 2.2Kw 40L
HSPD2.4L 630Bar 2.4L/min 2.2Kw 40L
HSPD3.0L 630Bar 3.0L/min 3Kw 40L
HSPD4.0L 630Bar 4.0L/min 4Kw 40L
HSPD6.0L 630Bar 6.0L/min 5.5Kw 90/100L
HSPD7.0L 630Bar 7.0L/min 7.5Kw 90/100L