Electric Power Hydraulic Unit - HSCB Series Electric Power Pump, Hydraulic Power Unit

Unit Feature:
- 0.52L/min. ~3.0 L/min. as high and low pressure
- 220VAC or 380VAC Electric motor optional
- Small and compact design, custom oil tank volume acceptable

Max. Operating Pressure:
To 700bar or any requirements optional

Flow Range:
0.52L/min.~ 3.0L/min. flow rate

Electric Motor Power:
0.75KW motor power

Reservoir Capacity & Configurations:
10L oil tank or custom optional
Vertical power position unit

Oil Reservoir Color:
Blue, Yellow, Black, Orange, Black Or Custom

Electric power hydraulic unit HSCB series with simple operation, wide application, high and low pressure two output, large amount of oil. The piston pump starts under low pressure to improve the effective hydraulic pressure.

Electric power hydraulic unit HSCB is most available for all kinds of punching, cutting, bending, jacks and other various of hydraulic equipment.

There is a pressure overload protection valve equipped in the HSCB series power hydraulic unit to avoid excessive pressure and damage to the device, which will also automatically keeps working pressure to insure that operation pressure it will not drop rapidly.

Ordering Code:

Ordering Code Pressure
Oil Tank Oil Circuit
Solenoid Valve
70 2.5/0.52 0.75 220/380 10L Single
HSCB-63A/ZCB-63S 70 2.5/0.52 0.75 220V 10L Single
HSCB6-5-AB 70 2.5/0.52 0.75 220V 10L Dual Circuit
Solenoid Valve
70 2.5/0.52 0.75 220V 10L Tripl Circuit