Compact Hydraulic Power Unit - HSSC Series Compact Hydraulic Power Unit, Dual Circuit and Pump System

Unit Feature:
- Double pumps operation, high and low pressure available
- Quick response to pressure single, easily pressure switching
- High pressure working, custom oil volume tank available

Max. Operating Pressure:
Up to 400bar or optional

Flow Range:
0L/min.~ 120L/min. optional, check the chart below

Electric Motor Power:
0.75KW ~ 11KW optional, check the chart below

Reservoir Capacity & Configurations:
16L ~ 250L optional, check the chart below
Vertical power position unit

Oil Reservoir Color:
Blue, Yellow, Black, Orange, Black Or Custom

Compact hydraulic power unit HSSC series is a hydraulic power unit with double pump and hydraulic oil circuit, there are hydraulic components such as hydraulic piston pump (As high pressure source ), hydraulic gear pump (As low pressure source), hydraulic control system, directional valve, pilot control valve, pressure gauge, electric motor and hydraulic tank mounted on the oil tank. The power is available to be controlled by handle or foot switch.

Main Features Of Compact Hydraulic Power Unit HSSC:
1. Small size, light weight, easily operation with high operation pressure.
2. Good pressure keeping while no leakage outside. Pressure drops less than 50bar when power offer within 5 minutes.
3. Double pump system, high or low pressure pump working, large flow rate acceptable. Hydraulic oil returns automatically while on loading, reducing power consumption.

Ordering Code:

Normal Ordering Code: HSSC 0.8/6/1.5/35
Explanation below:

0.8 /
/ 16
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

(1) Hydraulic Power Unit Code=HSSC
(2) Fluid Flow Rate At High Pressure: 0.8L/min ~ 16L/min(Check the chart below)
(3) Fluid Flow Rate At Low Pressure: 4L/min ~ 120L/min(Check the chart below)
(4)  Motor Power: 0.75Kw~11Kw(Check the chart below)
(5) Oil Tank Volume:  16L = 250L
(6) Further Information

Function Symbol :

Technical Data:

Series Pressure
Oil Tank
Motor Kw Weight
High Pre. Low Pre. High Pre. Low Pre.
HSSC2.0/6 40 2.5 2 6 36 2.2 85
Option 0-31.5 2.5-6.3 0.8-16 4-120 16-250 0.75-11 -

Note: Mark: * Pre. = Pressure